Landlord Rights And Eviction Services

Time is money. When a tenant refuses to pay their rent on time, it can have serious financial consequences for a landlord. Sometimes a tenant pays their rent but causes damage to the property, threatens other tenants, engages in criminal activity on the property, or otherwise violates their lease agreement. In these situations, the prompt removal of the nuisance tenant is even more vital to protecting the landlord's investment and the health and safety of other tenants.

Guiding You Through The Eviction Process

Eviction is a legal process with very specific rules that must be followed. Unfortunately, too many landlords either do not understand the rules to evict tenants or refuse to follow them. Often this leads to delay in removing the tenant, and it might result in the landlord owing the tenant money. An experienced attorney can guide the landlord through the often confusing process and ensure that tenant removal is done quickly and lawfully thereby allowing the landlord to make a return on their investment while ensuring that other tenants have a safe, peaceful home for their families.

Comprehensive Legal Support For Property Owners

In addition to helping landlords with eviction services, my office can assist landlords with the following services:

  • Lease Drafting and Revision. A solid lease is vital to ensuring a tenant can be removed quickly and to ensure the landlord is compensated for the costs of evicting bad clients.
  • Collection. If you receive a judgment for past due rent or other monetary damages, my office offers landlords cost effective collection services.
  • Security Deposit Disputes. The law is very specific how tenant security deposits must be handled, and mishandling those funds exposes the landlord to substantial damages. My office can assist the landlord in making sure the funds are handled properly.

Contact Leon Storie, Attorney at Law For Exceptional Legal Counsel

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