Juvenile Offenses

At Leon Storie, Attorney at Law, in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, I understand that all juvenile legal issues can have substantial effects on a child's future. For the last 15 years, I have worked to protect the rights of minor children, whether they are charged with juvenile offenses or struggling in a difficult family environment. I work closely with children and their families to help them understand their options, fight for their rights and give them a voice in decisions that will affect their lives.

Knowledgeable About The Juvenile Justice System

The juvenile justice system differs from the adult criminal justice system in numerous ways. If your child is facing criminal charges, it is essential to hire a lawyer with experience and knowledge of the juvenile courts. I have helped many young people to overcome their legal issues and gain a second chance. I represent clients in juvenile cases involving:

  • Delinquency. I fight to protect the rights and futures of children charged with criminal offenses.
  • Dependency. If you are a relative or caregiver for a juvenile who has been neglected or abused by his or her parents, I can help you fight to obtain custody of your loved one.
  • Children in Need of Supervision (CINS). If your child is struggling, and the state has opened up a CINS case against you, I can help you understand the process and fight to protect your parental rights.

Protect Your Child's Future — Contact An Experienced Juvenile Lawyer

With the support and advocacy of a compassionate juvenile lawyer, a youthful mistake or error of judgment doesn't have to ruin your child's future. If your family is facing a challenging juvenile offense issue, call 205-737-0318 or contact me online to arrange an initial consultation and discuss your legal needs.