Child Support And Custody

At the law office of Leon Storie, Attorney at Law in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, I have helped mothers and fathers protect their parental interests in divorce for over 15 years. I focus on cooperation between parents where possible to obtain outcomes that protect their own interests as well as the best interests of their children.

Resolving Complex Child Support Issues

I help those required to pay child support as well as those seeking to receive it determine how Alabama's child support guidelines will affect their unique situations:

  • If you must pay child support, I work to ensure an accurate calculation so you are not overburdened by unfair support obligations. I can also assist with post-divorce child support modification due to unforeseen, significant changes in your financial circumstances such as reduced work hours or job loss.
  • If you are the primary caregiver for your children and need child support, I can seek enforcement actions against your former spouse if he or she does not pay child support as required by the court.

Parents utilizing uncontested divorce often try to waive the requirement for child support. However, if you have children, the court will require some sort of child support action. As an experienced Tuscaloosa child support attorney, I can help you obtain fair resolutions that protect your interests and provides your children's needs.

Assertive Representation In Parenting Time Negotiations

In Alabama, the court will determine child custody and visitation based upon what it believes to be in the best interests of the children. In most cases, neither parent is likely to get full custody, so an experienced lawyer like myself can help you protect your right to fair and equitable parenting time. My job is to help you demonstrate why you are a good parent and how you will provide for your children moving forward as a single parent.

Look After Your Children's Interests — Contact My Firm Today

As a parent myself, I understand the desire you have to maintain meaningful relationships with your children. My goal is to help you protect your rights and maintain an active role in your children's lives moving forward. For guidance and representation in all matters concerning child custody and support, call 205-737-0318 or contact me online to schedule a consultation.