Recovering Debt Through Repossessions

When a debtor is unable to pay, it may be possible to recover the monetary value of their debt through the repossession of property. Repossessions have a negative stigma attached to them, but they are a legal means of settling a debt. However, repossessing a person's property must be done according to California statutes to avoid legal repercussions.

Ensure That Your Actions Are Legally Compliant

At the Tuscaloosa, Alabama, office of Leon Storie, Attorney at Law, I offer clear and insightful legal guidance to businesses involved in debt disputes. I can advise you on whether repossession is the most effective way of reclaiming your debt and outline other potential solutions that may be available.

If repossession is in the best interest of your business, then my knowledge of collections law can ensure that your efforts are above board and legally sound, protecting you from potential civil or criminal lawsuits. I represent clients in the repossession of all types of property, including vehicles, appliances, machinery, tools and other industrial equipment. I can assist you with arranging court orders to authorize the seizure of property as well as finding and liaising with reputable repossession agents.

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I represent small to medium-sized businesses, financial institutions and other creditors in repossession and collections matters throughout Tuscaloosa County. For professional legal guidance in recovering your unpaid debts, contact an experienced collections lawyer today by calling 205-737-0318 or by completing a short online contact form.