Recovering Debts Through Intelligent Negotiation

A capable collections attorney has more ways of recovering your unpaid debt than litigation. At Leon Storie, Attorney at Law, I aim to achieve maximum recovery as quickly and efficiently as possible. I adapt my approach to debt recovery on an account-by-account basis, taking the actions that will be most effective in recouping the money that you are owed.

Effective Communication Can Lead To Quick Resolutions

In many cases, the barrier to collection is not a debtor's unwillingness to pay, but financial difficulties that make it hard for a person to meet a payment schedule or deadline. Matters can be further complicated when a debtor files for bankruptcy protection. Understanding the goals of those on both sides of a dispute can lead to a swift resolution that works for both parties, without the need for costly and time-consuming litigation.

A lack of clear and open communication can magnify issues that can otherwise be easily resolved. Some debts can be recovered simply by contacting a debtor and arranging a reasonable repayment schedule. I can manage these communications on your behalf, leaving you free to concentrate on the areas of your business that require your focused attention.

Prepared To Litigate Strongly On Your Behalf

However, in the case of delinquent accounts where a debtor is unwilling to pay, negotiating terms may not be enough. In these situations, I will pursue the necessary legal action to recover monies owed, from seeking court judgments to providing post-judgment enforcement to ensure compliance. I am prepared to explore many potential means of recovery, including wage garnishments, property seizure and bank levies.

For Efficient, Cost-Effective Debt Collection, Contact Leon Storie, Attorney At Law

By tailoring my approach to each account, I am able to take the most efficient steps to recover the money that you are owed, saving your business both time and money. To discuss your legal needs with an experienced attorney, call my office in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, at 205-737-0318 or contact me online to arrange a consultation.