Legally Compliant, Effective Debt Collection

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) outlines the rules that debt collectors and agencies have to follow when recovering unpaid debts. It ensures that collections are carried out appropriately, without debtors suffering harassment or the infliction of emotional distress.

At Leon Storie, Attorney at Law, I represent businesses, financial institutions and other creditors who require assistance with recovering unpaid debts. As an experienced collections attorney, I will pursue the money that you are owed in full compliance with the FDCPA, ensuring that your business recovers its debts quickly, efficiently and legally.

Protect Your Business From Legal Action

The FDCPA does not apply to individual creditors who pursue a debt owed to them. Despite this, it is essential that any attempts to collect on a debt do not infringe upon any other laws. Cases involving the seizure or repossession of property, for instance, require careful adherence to the law to avoid civil or criminal repercussions.

Collecting business debts is not always straightforward. Hiring a professional collections lawyer ensures that your business debts will be collected efficiently, effectively and in full compliance with the law. Not only will my representation save your business time and money, but it will also protect you from the potential reputational and financial damage of a costly lawsuit.

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I represent businesses and creditors in all debt collection matters. My experience and knowledge allow me to recover the money you are owed quickly and cost-effectively. Call my office in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, at 205-737-0318 or complete an online contact form to discuss your business needs.