Recovering Debt From Bankrupt Debtors

When a debtor files for bankruptcy, recovering an unpaid debt can be a complicated task. The laws and procedures surrounding bankruptcy protection are clear about the actions that a creditor can and cannot take to recover money in the context of a bankruptcy proceeding; however, understanding the most effective way to reclaim a debt while adhering to the rules requires a skilled, experienced collections lawyer.

I am Leon Storie, Attorney at Law. My understanding of bankruptcy law can help your business with collecting debt that you may have given up on. I provide clear, informed guidance to creditors who wish to recover from a bankrupt customer or client and can take the necessary actions to ensure that your business is included in any bankruptcy proceeding.

What To Do If Your Debtor Files For Bankruptcy

If you are currently pursuing an unpaid debt and a client files for bankruptcy protection, immediately cease any ongoing collections efforts. Bankruptcy imposes an immediate stay on the collection of any debt; continuing to pursue the debtor may lead to penalties. Reaching out to a professional collections attorney as soon as possible is the best chance you have to recover your debt in full.

My office in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, can help you understand the steps that need to be taken to have your debt factored into the bankruptcy proceedings, allowing for the repayment of your debt after assets are sold or repayment plans are put in place. I am able to represent you throughout the bankruptcy proceedings, from attending hearings to negotiating terms for repayment.

Don't Give Up On Your Debt - Contact Leon Storie, Attorney At Law Today

If your business is owed money by a person who has sought bankruptcy protection, you still have a chance at recovering all or part of the debt. My knowledge of bankruptcy law will ensure that your financial interests are represented during the process and that your right to collect on your unpaid debt is protected. Call 205-737-0318 or contact my firm online to arrange a consultation.