Business Formation And Good Credit Practices

It's important to make sure that your new business is built on a solid foundation. Business formation can be complex, but the assistance of a knowledgeable and experienced attorney will ensure that you get off to a strong start.

I am Leon Storie, Attorney at Law, an efficient and effective attorney based in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. My firm can assist you with forming your business around a core of strong practices and principles that can facilitate its everyday operations and encourage growth. As an experienced collections lawyer, I offer detailed counsel on how to develop and put in place good credit practices to maintain a steady stream of regular income.

Comprehensive Solutions For Dealing With Debtors

As well as providing assistance with small business formation, I represent clients who are finding it difficult to consistently collect on accounts receivable. In many cases, this may be due to unoptimized billing practices or lack of follow-up; in others, difficulty may arise in engaging an incommunicative debtor.

Often, a letter from an attorney can be enough to persuade a recalcitrant debtor to repay the money that they owe. Negotiating new repayment terms can also lead to the successful recoupment of a debt. If repayment is not forthcoming, however, I will pursue your unpaid debts through all available legal means, including foreclosures, obtaining court judgments, repossessions, bank levies and wage garnishments.

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Whether you need legal assistance with forming a new business, advice on optimizing your credit and billing practices or strong, effective debt collection representation, I can help. Call 205-737-0318 today or complete a quick online form to arrange a consultation.