Debt Collection Services To Keep Your Business In Business

Unpaid receivables and delinquent accounts can have a dramatic effect on any business. Pursuing these debts takes time away from other important tasks and functions, draining company time and finances even further.

At Leon Storie, Attorney at Law, I provide cost-effective collections services to small and medium-sized businesses in the Tuscaloosa, Alabama, region. My firm is equipped to pursue your debtors and recover the money that you are owed quickly and efficiently. If you are ready to give up on a debt, my cost-effective representation may well be a better alternative.

Assisting Local Businesses, Financiers And Other Creditors

Whether you run a family business or a credit union, if you provide services or goods to clients or customers on credit, my firm can help you pursue unpaid debt. I will examine the accounts in question and offer an honest opinion as to whether the debt is realistically collectible. If it appears unlikely that the full amount can be recovered, I can pursue settlement options.

However, I have numerous tools at my disposal as an experienced collections attorney to facilitate the recovery of the monies owed to you. In the first instance, opening a line of communication with a debtor may well lead to the recovery of your debt. Negotiating a temporary extension of credit or establishing a new repayment plan may help recoup a debt that would otherwise remain unpaid.

If a debtor remains unresponsive or refuses to pay, I have the necessary litigation experience to pursue a court judgment against them. I can also provide assistance with post-judgment enforcement to ensure that your debtor complies with the terms of that order.

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I offer professional, effective collections support at competitive rates. To discuss further how I can help your business deal with delinquent accounts and unresponsive debtors, call 205-737-0318 or complete a quick and easy online form to arrange a consultation.